INDIE-RE #12 BY Radio Campus Orléans, France

Hello and welcome to Radio Muse ! Here is Viviane and Astrid and the show is produced by radio campus Orléans. Although everyone probably knows, it's always useful to recap : Radio Muse is a musical program produced by 3 radios and one radio network. Radio Student Lubjana, Radio Orange in Vienna radio Campus France and Radio Student in Zaghreb. The program is supported by the European Union. All artists we're going to promote are from Orléans, which is a quite dynamic city musically speaking,  although it is very near from Paris.

Let's start with Diane. She's just released her forst album « Billets Doux » which means « little love letters » on the french label La Souterraine. Diane is a girl of her time. All in contrast. His universe seems dreamlike and yet borrows from the realism of everyday life. Her lyrics have the naivety of adolescence and the bitterness of the passing of time. Her melodies are both nagging and surprising. Diane's first album has just been released by French Label La Souterrraine.

On the border of Techno, Drum and Bass, Noise and Trance, CTRL Z delivers "Electro-Technoid" music oscillating between light and shade.  In June 2018 he released his first album “Hello World”, one of the main themes of which was Human / Machine dialogue. It is on stage that the music of CTRL-Z takes on its full meaning: a powerful live audio complemented by a projection of interactive and immersive visuals.

Next we have Roraima, Roraïma, instrumental trip-hop duo with a unique atmosphere. Hovering bass music supported by rock drums, constantly conquering the perfect sound and effortless trance.

Then we will introduce you Sukoï Fever, The band's live performances are feverish, driven, prone to convulsions, never tepid, as if the end was near, living the moment like it was the last. The 12 songs of The End Never Dreams carve on the same furrow of groove. It's rock'n'roll, it's brutal, it's sophisticated, unisex, for girls and for boys, rooting to a dream that shine on bright. The new EP of Sukoi Fever is called Now and Never and is realeased on Quixote Music, a DIY record label based in Paris .



Diane is a dream pop artist, her world is full of poetry


CTRL Z, one man machine band. He plays electro, drum'n bass with interactive visuals in live performances


Roraïma is a dub / trip hop duo from Orléans


Sukoï Fever is a rock & soul band from Orléans, well-known for their feverish live performances



Songs in running order: ARTIST – SONG (Album Title/Release Title, Label, Year)

Diane – L'été (Billets Doux, La Souterraine, 2020)

Diane – Toucher (Billets Doux, La Souterraine, 2020)

Diane – L'amour et la chicha (Billets Doux, La Souterraine, 2020)

Diane – Billets Doux (Billets Doux, La Souterraine, 2020)

CTRL Z – Hello World (Hello World,Self produced, 2018)

CTRL Z – Synthesized Life Form (Compil jour 038 Confine-e Records, 2020)

Roraïma – Monolithe (2810, Self produced, 2018)

Roraïma – Demains Infinis  (2810, Self produced, 2018)

Roraïma – Là Haut (2810, Self produced, 2018)

Roraïma – Monolithe (2810,Self produced, 2018)

Sukoï Fever – Burn Again (The End Never Dreams – Quixote Music, 2017)

Sukoï Fever – Now and never (Now and never – Quixote music, 2020)



Radio Campus Orléans

Prepared, announced, translated, engineered and mixed by Viviane Berreur and Astrid Valat



Radio Campus France

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