Indie-Re #16 by Radio Grenouille, France

Welcome to Radio Muse !

Today it's the turn of Radio Grenouille, from Marseille, a member of the French Radio Campus network.

Five musical projects from the Marseille scene will be presented during this hour. By my side in the studio, are two pillars of the Marseille jazz scene, saxophonist Uli Wolters, and pianist and multi-instrumentalist Cyril Benhamou.

Uli Wolters was born in Germany, studied saxophone in France and in New York, then came back to Marseille - a city where he developed different projects, mostly jazz, but also pop and hip pop. There was first of all a project with the singer Asa, then the band Kabbalah, then PinkNoColor a pop jazz project and Dirty Cute, a band that we're going to talk about during this hour.

Cyril Benhamou is the side man and the favorite pianist of the Marseille jazz scene. He’s really productive, blending musical genres, between jazz, funk or hip hop. He’s had a lot of collaborations, notably playing with artists who were previously featured on Radio Muse, like DJ Oil (Troublemakers) or David Walters. In 2014, he released his first solo album : Peachy Has Gone South.

They know each other well for having shared the stage many times in their own projects and in a duo that they have created a few years ago.


Dirty Cute : the last project of Ulli Wolters. A trio with saxophone, keyboards, machine and drums. The "dirty" side is a jazz side, an « organic" side, which leans to the experimental. The “cute” side is more linked to neat productions and pop melodies.


Cyril Benhamou : see above intro. The track listened during this broadcast is from his Grabuge : a series of evenings where he blends all his musical universes with his piano, his flute, and surprise guests.


Yul : Producer artist (Asa, Nina Simone, Soprano), Yul is now moving from the studios to the stage. Drawing his essence from his Beninese and Togolese roots, he brings Reggie Washington and Bobby Sparks with him in this project, free of codes and styles. The atmosphere is soul, the energy is rock, and the opening is jazz.


Paul Wamo feat Ulli Wolters & Saul Williams : Paul Wamo Taneisi, Kanak Slam poet from New Caledonia, present a sizzling spoken word show between Trap Beat, Pop and Punk Jazz. The fruit of his collaboration with Uli Wolters. The basses bang, the machines snore and the subtly twisted Kanak sounds are saturated on some tracks.

This perfectly mastered orchestral chaos accompanies the texts of the Slavic poet who tells us about the resurrected Peaceful Canoes of Forgetfulness, about victories that are torn away, that are lodged in each one of us, about Love Mouths Wide Open, about Endless Movement and "face to face" Identities.


Méandres : Méandres is a band of five musicians from different backgrounds, that draw their influences from jazz, rock or hip hop. The original instrumentation, brass, strings and voice, blend together to create a totally contemporary. Sweet intoxicating melodies, snarling cries and hip hop declamation follow one another.


Tracklist :

1) Like a dog - Dirty Cute (Exclusive track, an album is coming out soon)

2) It’s time to destroy - Cyril Benhamou (Exclusive track from his concerts series in the Makeda, Grabuge).

3) Pulse - Paul Wamo feat Saul Williams & Ulli Wolters (Exclusive track, an album is coming out soon)

4) That’s my color - Yul

5) Temptation - Méandres (an album is coming out in the coming weeks)


Producer : Mario Bompart

Control room : Djilali Hammiche

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