Indie-Re #22 by Radio Pulsar, Poitiers

Welcome to Radio Muse ! Today it's the turn of Radio Pulsar, from Poitiers, as member of the French Radio Campus network. Radio Muse - Independent Radio Exchange - is an European project promoting emerging musicians all over Europe. One can be afraid of how the world audience gets attracted by GAFAM-like streaming platforms, which tend to promote a very few artists in the end... Radio Muse just says another way to discover artists is possible. Let’s share local artists musicians from different regions of Europe through our radios. Let’s quote the main actors of the project : Student Radio from Ljubljana (Slovenia), Radio Corax in Halle (Germany), Radio Popolare in Milan (Italy), the wide Radio Campus France network, which consists of 29 radios all over France, including radio Pulsar. But also other EU radios such as radio Orange from Vienna (Austria) or Student Radio from Zagreb,(Croatia)

Ok !? So... We're gonna make a 1-hour trip with some of the most amazing musical gems coming from Poitiers and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. So we’re in the South-West of France, that wide region goes from Poitiers at the North to the west side of the Pyrénées mountains, from the wide French Atlantic coasts to the amazing countryside of the "Plateau de Millevache" or the Dordogne to make it short. Musically speaking, some well-known artists emerged from the local scene here in Poitiers such as Seven Hate, Microfilm, UZI, Malik Djoudi or Carpenter Brut, and the region is also the birthplace of Vicious Circle, KIM, Gojira, Kap Bambino, Lescop... Today let’s talk about and listen to more hidden local projects, we will : Have a fresh bowl of energy with Vyen / Speak about ritual house with Albinos / Learn how to produce analogical techno-rap with Dampa / Take another look at ancient music with the band Artus and Pagans records / Focus on wide ambient with Grand Ciel. Here we go !

Hope you had a great time with Poitiers and Nouvelle-Aquitaine artists Vyen, Albinos, Dampa, Artus and Grand Ciel. That was Radio Muse - INDEPENDENT RADIO EXCHANGE - presented by Radio Pulsar, Poitiers, today, broadcasting alternative music all around Europe. Thanks for listening. Check the website to get more. Bye bye

Credits :
Interview led by Thomas Vriet, final editing by Yann Suraud.

Vyen - “La Chiale”, Vague EP (self- released, Dec 2020)

Albinos - “Aquanimal”, Ritual House Vol 3 EP (Astral Soda – 26, Dec 2020)

Dampa - “Ultraviolet” (To be released 2021)

Artús - “Faust”, Cerc (Pagans, Mar 2020)

Grand Ciel - “Sentier des Nuits d'Eté” (To be released 2021)

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