Indie-Re #49 by Radio Student, Zagreb

In the 49th episode of IndieRe broadcast edited by Radio Student from Zagreb we'll present some fresh releases by well-known members of Zagreb alternative scene but we will also showcase a few artists currently at the very beginning of their musical path. The first one is an indie pop rock band Paul The Walrus from Zagreb. We'll listen to the interview with their singer, songwriter and producer Borna Mijolović who will present their first album Sunset Clause released last autumn and first time played live this February. The next one is Seine, an indie punk band whose latest album Naizust was among the most interesting releases last year showing new directions of experimenting with electronics and trip-hop. The show continues with psychedelic progressive band Skotni Vrag and after that we'll present our next guest. He is Toni Starešinić from Zmaj Orko Star, a band of three experienced jazz musicians well-known from different jazz, world music and organic club music projects from Zagreb. Their first album Escape was released in December and Toni will tell us more about this layered instrumental record and the inspirations behind its playful song titles. At the end of the show we'll also feature a project called Panakota and their second single Vodnjak from the upcoming shoegaze indie pop EP that will be released in the following months.


Welcome to the 49th episode of IndieRe. Ivan Poschko and Franka Štrkalj from Radio Student, Zagreb, will present some fresh tunes from the Croatian independent scene. First some music and an interview with Paul The Walrus.

​1) Paul The Walrus – House by the Sea
-- interview
3) Paul The Walrus – About Me
4) Paul The Walrus – Apple Tree

Next Seine. We'll listen to a song from their last year’s album Naizust. The band is led by Ivan Ščapec on vocals and guitar together with Dimitrij Petrović on drums and Vatroslav Živković on bass and samples. The music of Seine can be described as alternative punk but on their latest album they decided to play with some trip-hop rhythms through the use of samples and electronics. One of their main characteristics is a great use of the musicality of Croatian language itself so even if you don’t understand the subtle but strong messages of the songs, you can hear the music of the words the author is using. The song we're listening to is called Riječ which in Croatian means »a word«. Enjoy!

4) Seine – Riječ

The next band is Skotni Vrag, which literally means »pregnant devil«. They released their first, self-titled album in April last year. The album itself is a mixture of genres but the prevailing atmosphere could be described as psychedelic and progressive with everchanging tempo and dynamic. The use of vocal filters and spoken word pleasantly intermixes with moments of harshness and anger while their lyrics are usualy a form of clever critique of contemporary social problems. The song that we picked is called Bill Gates and it playfully deals with the paradox of a stereotipical anti-vaxer who on one hand refuses to get vaccinated out of fear of surveillance by Bill Gates himself, and on the other hand enjoys sharing every bit of his personal life on social media platforms.

5) Skotni Vrag – Bill Gates

One of the most famous names on the Croatian alternative scene is definitely the keyboardist and composer Toni Starešinić. Among many of his projects the band Chui is probably the most famous one, but we decided to present his new band called Zmaj Orko Star. Their first album Escape was released in December and we'll listen to the song One-Eyed Creature. Afer that Toni will tell us more about this layered instrumental album and will also explain the origin of the interesting name of the band and the story line that the album follows.

6) Zmaj Orko Star – One-Eyed Creature​
-- interview
7) Zmaj Orko Star – Power of Change

With the Power of Change by Zmaj Orko Star we came to the end of the 49th episode of the IndieRe. We would like thank to all the artists who participated in this show and we hope you liked this selection made by Radio Student from Zagreb. Special greetings to our listeners from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, France and Spain and we are hoping that you will continue to discover the Croatian independent scene even after this show. In Croatia we would say šečer dolazi na kraju which means sugar comes in the end, so we prepared a dessert for your ears. It’s a new band from Zagreb called Panakota and we will hear their second ever released song Vodenjak – a Croatian word for Aquarius, since it’s announcing their EP inspired by zodiac signs. Some shoegazy alternative pop mystical sounds for goodbye and kisses from Zagreb.

8) Panakota – Vodenjak



Paul the Walrus


Moonlee Records

Skotni Vrag

Zmaj Orko Star

Dancing Bear​​


Mudri Brk



01. Paul The Walrus – House by the Sea [3:44] (Sunset Clause, self-released, 2022)
02. Paul The Walrus – About me [4:02] (Sunset Clause, self-released, 2022)
03. Paul The Walrus – Apple Tree [2:47] (Sunset Clause, self-released, 2022)
04. Seine – Riječ [3:47] (Naizust, Moonlee Records, 2023)
05. Skotni Vrag – Bill Gates [3:08] (Skotni Vrag, ViKA, 2022)
06. Zmaj Orko Star – One-Eyed Creature [5:35] (Escape, Dancing Bear, 2022)
07. Zmaj Orko Star – Power of Change [3:58] (Escape, Dancing Bear, 2022)
08. Panakota – Vodenjak [4:15] (Basic & Rough, Mudri Brk, 2023)


Produced by Radio Student, Zagreb, Croatia.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Franka Štrkalj & Ivan Poschko.


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