IndieRE #38 by Radio Campus, Mulhouse

Today, the show is animated by Karolina Iwan, Solène Garnier and Margot Ferreira from Radio MNE, an associative radio based in Mulhouse, east of France, and a member of the Radio Campus France network. Today, dear listeners, you will be discovering five talented artists from Elsass : Oceya, Loner Deer, Mouse DTC, Baba Roga, and Sxndrxm.


FEATURED ARTISTS (in order of appearance) :

Oceya (Océane Pastier Lopez), artiste indépendante 


Loner Deer (Florian Hueber), indépendant 


Mouse DTC (Hermance V. et Arnaud D.), Mediapop Records 


Baba Roga (Jovan Veljkovic), Collectif Ödl 


Sxndrxm (Clelia Hanser, Gaëtan Vassilieff, Anna Bourennane, Louison Demange), Hell For Breakfast 

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