IndieRE #69 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

The new, 69th broadcast of the IndieRE project is brought to you by Ula and Jan from Radio Študent, Ljubljana, Slovenia. The 64th Jazz Festival Ljubljana has just ended so we'll begin this edition with percussionist and composer Domen Cizej who, at the festival, performed his new opus called Introducing Domen Cizej released by Clean Feed Records. We will continue with some jazz from a collective called Zhlehtet who have released a collection of live performances from summer 2022 called Poletje Loops or, in English, Summer Loops, following a short chat with the member of the collective, musician Rok Zalokar. Next up we'll hear the debut project from singer-songwriter Liza Končar called Gola ljubav or Naked love. We will then take a step back to jazz and with one foot forward into electronics, rock, psihedelia and more with Eating Sports and their debut album Giorni Sportivi released by our house label Zarš. We had a short conversation with the drummer of Eating Sports, »Antonio«. Next up will be tachyon, a young up and coming electronic producer who is playing with synthetic computer sounds and serves us some lighthearted uncanniness. We will conclude the radio show with a noiseish rock trio Suzi soprano and their new album Weltschmerz.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Domen Cizej: web | bandcamp | instagram | facebook
Clean Feed Records: web | bandcamp | facebook
Zhlehtet: bandcamp | instagram | youtube
Liza Končar: youtube | instagram
Eating Sports: bandcamp | bandcamp 2 | facebook
Zarš Records: web | bandcamp | facebook
tachyon [Jernej Grmek]: youtube | instagram
Šop Records: web | bandcamp | youtube | facebook
Suzi soprano: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram



01 Domen Cizej – Rudimental Ritual nr. 18 [4:06] (Introducing, Clean Feed Records, 2023)
02 Zhlehtet – Call [3:10] (Poletje Loops, self-released, 2023)
03 Zhlehtet – Spiritual [3:08] (Poletje Loops, self-released, 2023)
04 Liza Končar – Ne fina tišina [4:56] (Gola ljubav, self-released, 2023)
05 Eating Sports – Tim Tom Teo [7:03] (Giorni Sportivi, Zarš, 2023)
06 tachyon – Mačje stanovanje nekje iz Ljubljane [5:21] (Škratje poezije iz druge dimenzije, Šop Records, 2023)
07 Suzi soprano – Heavy Rain [3:06] (Weltschmerz, Artičoka, 2023)


Produced by Radio Študent, Slovenia.

Prepared, announced by Jan Kopač and Ula Kranjc Kušlan. Sound mixing by Samo Pavlica – Linč.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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