IndieRE #87 by Radio Helsinki, Graz

Welcome to the 87th edition of IndieRE, Independent Radio Exchange Programme. Each week eight independent radio stations from all over Europe present tunes from subcultural and alternative music scenes. The next episode is prepared by Radio Helsinki from Graz, Austria. Lilly Vanilli and Babsi are excited to present to the latest and greatest from Austrias vibrant subculture music scene.

You’ll hear all from rebellious energy of punk and hardcore to danceable beats of electro, soulful melodies of folk and indie pop to rhythmic poetry of hip-hop and an extra layer of musical innovation – we’ve got it all for you. Buckle up as we traverse through familiar genres and explore uncharted territories, bringing you a tapestry of musical diversity that knows no bounds.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Hase: bandcamp
Kafe Kieferbruch: bandcamp | instagram
Panik Deluxe: bandcamp | instagram
Seayou Records (label): bandcamp
Strange: bandcamp | soundcloud | instagram
kopfherzhand (label): youtube | facebook | instagram
Hias Ledger: instagram
Pulverfass (label): instagram
Resi Reiner: instagram
Krokant (label): instagram
Pfarre: bandcamp | instagram
Urban Lurk (label): bandcamp | instagram
Kobrakasino: web | instagram
Problembär Records (label): bandcamp
Minki Mumu: bandcamp | instagram
Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label (label): bandcamp
Transformer Music (label): bandcamp
Laundromat Chicks: bandcamp | instagram
Siluh Records (label): web | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
R o n i a: web | bandcamp | facebook
Seayou Records (label): web | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
Leftovers: instagram
Phat Penguin Records (label): web | bandcamp | facebook | instagram
KMT: web | instagram
Big Cake Records (label): bandcamp | youtube



01 Intro w/ Anton Karas – Harry Lime Theme (from The Third Man/Der dritte Mann)
02 Hase – Strache Erwache [s/t, self-released, 2023]
03 Kafe Kieferbruch – Ge$chlecht [Sterben, self released, 2023]
04 Panik Deluxe – Gatekeeper [without hope i am nothing, Seayou Records, 2023]
05 Strange – schottnjaga [single, kopfherzhand, 2023]
06 Hias Ledger & Strange – News aus dem Buschfunk [Spring, Pulverfass, 2023]
07 Resi Reiner – Bialetti [Weißt du was ich mein?!, Krokant, 2023]
08 Pfarre – Hecke [Demo23, Urban Lurk, 2023]
09 Kobrakasino – Was vorher noch glänzte [Sonne, Mond & Dynamit, Problembär Records, 2023]
10 Minki Mumu – Love Me Till The End [s/t, Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label/Transformer Music, 2023]
11 Laundromat Chicks – Never Return [Lightning Trails, Siluh Records, 2023]
12 R o n i a – Sailing [String Along, Seayou Records, 2023]
13 Leftovers – System [Müde, Phat Penguin Recores, 2023]
14 KMT – Die Welt ist Weit [single, Big Cake Records, 2023]


Produced by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria.
Prepared, announced and mixed by Lilly Jagl and Babsi Wroblewski.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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