IndieRE #98 by Radio Corax, Halle

In this IndieRE broadcast, Luise and Lena from Radio Corax explore the local and regional jazz music scene. Therefore, they invited Albrecht Brandt to the show who is one of the founder of the Jazz Kollektiv, a collective that organizes jazz concerts in Halle regularly. At the same time, he creates jazz compositions himself and plays the upright bass in his own jazz project Brandt. Apart from the regional jazz scene, they look at current releases from artists such as toechter, a band that introduces string instruments into pop music. As always, there is one song picked for our special category »fesch«, a song in German language that is not yet mainstream but quite famous. This time it comes from the duo Augn, also known as the German Sleaford Mods, and the song is called Piep.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Brigade Futur III: web | bandcamp
Brandt: bandcamp
Conny Trieder Trio: bandcamp
Zwitschermaschine: bandcamp
Max Andrzejewski: bandcamp
Max Andrzejewski, Mariana Sadovska and the Trio Kurbasy & Ensemble: bandcamp
toechter: bandcamp | youtube | instagram
Augn: youtube | instagram



01 Brigade Futur III – Hikikomori
02 Brandt – Was ist es gewesen?
03 Conny Trieder Trio – Heute sind meine Füße zu groß
04 Zwitschermaschine – Interlude #1
05 Max Andrzejewski – Fließen
06 Max Andrzejewski, Mariana Sadovska and the Trio Kurbasy & Ensemble – Meine Rose
07 toechter – Alive, Abloom
08 Augn – Piep


Produced by Radio Corax, Halle (Salle).
Prepared, produced, mixed and announced by Luise Grundman & Lena Ulrich.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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