Plemenito poslanstvo: izpostaviti lokalno indie in urbano glasbeno produkcijo in jo po mreži neodvisnih radiev poslati po Evropi.

Serija Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse predstavlja sodelovanje štirih neodvisnih evropskih radijskih postaj: ljubljanskega Radia Študent, Radia Popolare di Milano, francoske mreže Radio Campus in Radia Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji.

Uredništvo, 18. 1. 2024 21:18, IndieRE

Welcome to Radio Helsinki's IndieRE radio broadcast. This episode is your passport to the rich tapestry of Austrian indie music. From whimsical humor to rebellious spirits, our playlist spans genres like punk, electro, and hip hop. Each track encapsulates the diverse sounds that define Austria's indie scene. No need for elaborate intros – just let the music guide you through the unmistakable Austrian »Schmäh«. Immerse yourself in this sonic journey, experiencing the essence of Austrian indie vibes across various styles. Bussi und Baba!


Uredništvo, 9. 1. 2024 21:12, IndieRE

We couldn't wait for the IndieRE Radio Show to come back with a fresh Hungarian edition, because the Hungarian artists didn't rest at the end of the year. Actually! We could hardly resist to choose between the fresh releases. The 94th edition of IndieRE offers recordings from, among others, the band Qualitons, who are back after their break-up. We'll also choose from recent releases by Samurai Drive and 30Y, and at the end of the show we'll dedicate a special block to the Hungarian drum and bass and breakbeat culture, featuring a recent song by MC Fedora.

Uredništvo, 5. 1. 2024 21:57, IndieRE

Welcome to the 93rd edition of IndieRE, the Independent European Radio exchange Network Radio Show. This episode is hosted by Marko and Dušan from Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and today we'll be listening to the garage sounds of Uryan, indietronica beats by producer Blaž, who we've also interviewed, the mind bending breakcore of Blaž Božič a.k.a. SsmKOSK, the first album by the funky-pop young force Masaž and wrap up the show with the fusion of ethno and jazz by the Petra Onderuf Quartet.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Uredništvo, 29. 12. 2023 21:32, IndieRE

Today’s broadcast is featuring artists of very different genres. We’ll listen to the universe and music of Michel Thor (Noailhac), Snail (Toulouse), and Corentin Grellier (Lautrec). Of course they all share their independent production and way of seeing their music. Most of all, our presenters express their feeling about these found artists during their tour around Occitanie in their search for authenticity.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Uredništvo, 22. 12. 2023 21:32, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE by Near FM, immerse yourself in the latest musical offerings from across the island of Ireland.

The musical journey begins with Pillow Queens, an Irish indie rock band from Dublin, formed in 2016. Same city of an emerging artist, Rudy, a.k.a. Rudy Anna Kelly. We are going to the marginalized areas in Northern Ireland where Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí created the music project Kneecap that combines Irish and English, satire and socially conscious lyrics, and reality and absurdity.

Uredništvo, 15. 12. 2023 12:16, IndieRE

The 90th episode of IndieRE by Radio Corax explores the local music scene and discoveres current releases. We tune in whith the song Coming of Age by Karies from Stuttgart. We slide over to garage punk by Nylon Club from Berlin. Of course we don’t forget to present local artists: Kissing Disease is a local post-punk band which waves into techno music. Greedy Vultures, Stalag & Highway Patrol ride somewhere in the desert between Halle and Berlin.

Uredništvo, 8. 12. 2023 22:45, IndieRE

The 89th edition of IndieRE Broadcast is brought to you by Ivan and Franka from Radio Student Zagreb. To begin with, we present avant folk band Klinika Denisa Kataneca and their new album released in spring called Kao zao kor. In the show, you can hear an interview with the band's guitarist and Branimir Norac who talked about the process of making the album but also about the impressions of the packed concerts they played around the region this autumn. Next we will hear Revirgin, a duo inspired by new-wave, synths and post-punk.

Uredništvo, 24. 11. 2023 23:13, IndieRE

Welcome to the 87th edition of IndieRE, Independent Radio Exchange Programme. Each week eight independent radio stations from all over Europe present tunes from subcultural and alternative music scenes. The next episode is prepared by Radio Helsinki from Graz, Austria. Lilly Vanilli and Babsi are excited to present to the latest and greatest from Austrias vibrant subculture music scene.

Uredništvo, 11. 11. 2023 01:28, IndieRE

Ula and Jan from Radio Študent, Ljubljana, Slovenia, will take you through the sounds of SsmKOSK's glitchcore and flamenco, following by a new compilation from ŠOP Records, an underground Slovenian label that releases experimental, weird, lo-fi, funny, critical and noisy soundscapes. We'll speak with Tit Podobnik, the label's main man about celebrating the label's 10-year anniversary this year and the new released music from 35 various artists titled Slounds From Slovenian Bedrooms V.

Uredništvo, 10. 11. 2023 23:13, IndieRE

In the latest edition of the IndieRE radio show, Ákos Cserháti and Dániel Kemény from Civil Rádió, Budapest, present a selection of deeper underground pop songs. The show starts with a big returning band, Meztelen diplomaták, and then we dive into the world of downtempo, jazz, alternative rock and a bit of hip-hop.