Plemenito poslanstvo: izpostaviti lokalno indie in urbano glasbeno produkcijo in jo po mreži neodvisnih radiev poslati po Evropi.

Serija Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse predstavlja sodelovanje štirih neodvisnih evropskih radijskih postaj: ljubljanskega Radia Študent, Radia Popolare di Milano, francoske mreže Radio Campus in Radia Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji.

Radio Študent, 14. 10. 2022 18:42, IndieRE

On this episode of Indie Re, Cecilia Paesante from Radio Popolare, will  introduce you to Kosmodromo, a four piece lineup which plays a rock shaped music that pays tribute to exotic harmonies built on a strong rhythm section.

The band formed in 2019 and is led by bass player Andrea Castelli, our guest today.




• 2020 - International Groove Society Session 1 & 2 (Kosmodromo) 

• 2021 - Cool Me Down (single, Kosmodromo)

Radio Študent, 7. 10. 2022 19:43, IndieRE

In our last show, we take a musical look back on this year 2021. In the first part we talked to many local musicians, and asked them what their music highlights were. The songs and voice messages are cut together into a collage by Ben. In the other part, Luise Talked with Theresa, a musician, artist and radio host, and as always we researched some local and recently published music.

FEATURED ARTIST – SONG (Album Title, Label, Year)

Radio Študent, 30. 9. 2022 20:06, IndieRE

In the last edition of IndieRE in 2021, we look back at some of the more prominent music releases of Slovenia’s alternative music scene. The first three releases that we present stem from Radio Študent’s own record label ZARŠ (Založba Radia Študent), and their authors are as follows: singer-songwriter Ujma, experimental pop duo Lovekovski and alternative folk band M.U.G. Trio. We also spoke with Neža Dobrovoljc from Lovekovski about their self-titled release.

Radio Študent, 23. 9. 2022 20:39, IndieRE

For this episode of Radio Muse, Radio Campus Paris shines a light on five artists orbiting around the Paris-based collective Planisphère. Created in 2018 with the goal of bringing into the spotlight up-and-coming artists of the experimental music scene, Planisphère organises underground events, hosts a bi-weekly radio show and even has its own label. While experimentation is a guiding principle in sound as well as image, their aesthetic spectrum is deliberately large. Abrasive techno sits alongside intimate folk, ambient and noise neighbour jazz and space rock.

Radio Študent, 20. 9. 2022 03:29, IndieRE

The artist that will be introduced to you today is a DJ. Her name is Calamity Jade. She's the head of the music promotions agency Will Work For Funk and also the host of the radio show Funk Shui which airs every Wednesday here at Radio Popolare.



Radio Študent, 17. 9. 2022 02:29, IndieRE

On this episode of Indie Re, Cecilia Paesante from Radio Popolare, will introduce you to three independent songwriting projects: the band Giuditta, singer songwriter L'Ottico and the three-piece project Milano Shanghai.


Giuditta are a Brescia-based four-piece band characterised by introspective sounds and powerful lyrics, all accompanied by the vocalist's scratchy and intense voice. You will listen to the band's live session performed at Radio Popolare auditorium "Demetrio Stratos".

Radio Študent, 10. 9. 2022 02:29, IndieRE

Radio Student from Zagreb, Croatia produced the 39th edition of the IndieRE show. In this episode we've prepared a wide range of croatian more or less alternative artist that sound fresh and innovative, but for our main feature interview we chose a different path – our guest is Lidija the lead singer from the etno and world music band Afion.

Radio Študent, 3. 9. 2022 00:09, IndieRE

Today, the show is animated by Karolina Iwan, Solène Garnier and Margot Ferreira from Radio MNE, an associative radio based in Mulhouse, east of France, and a member of the Radio Campus France network. Today, dear listeners, you will be discovering five talented artists from Elsass : Oceya, Loner Deer, Mouse DTC, Baba Roga, and Sxndrxm.


FEATURED ARTISTS (in order of appearance) :

Oceya (Océane Pastier Lopez), artiste indépendante

Radio Študent, 26. 8. 2022 22:29, IndieRE

Hey everybody and welcome to the European radio show called radio muse, today it's time for Germany aka for Halle on the Saale. Luise and Ben are your show hosts today. 

We did not only brought you news from Halle, but also from Leipzig and Berlin. In the first part of the show we spoke with the Berlin artist and musican “Cosey Mueller”, she is part of the duo “Das Das” and publishes her new tape recorded album called “Interior Escapes” as a solo artists. 

Radio Študent, 12. 8. 2022 22:45, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE we are visiting Slovenia’s alternative and underground scene and various albums released in the past couple of months. From afrobeat collective Nesesari Kakalulu’s newest album, P’Jays and Kavasutra, two bands mixing together elements of jazz and rock. Then Zajtrk, a folk chanson duo, will follow, and the TRITE Sound label with their most recent compilation of electronic music, simply titled 8, to the promising death metal band Siderean with their debut LP.