Move D - Silent Orbiter

"Dear Pete, 

It's been a year now since the terrible and unexpected loss of your physical presence. Hardly a single day has passed without thoughts of you. Always took you for granted and the projects we would have in our pensionary days. 

All I can say is, how proud I am to have had the opportunity to work with you intensively and to have you as a dear friend. Still wish I would have communicated this better, being a more reliable and present friend to you. 

The music here, I was carrying around with me for a while - never quite knew where it came from and why I came up with such a dark and sincere piece. I always wanted to give it to you, but save it for the right moment - never would have thought this would be my requiem for you, until I realised that this is what it really is... 

You're sadly missed by so many, but your music will resonate with us, hope you're listening, too - out there somewhere... 

Love D 
2013-11-15 "

Plo??a je iz?la pri TXT Recordings.

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