MITF#111 - gledališki: Trigger 2021

On the 1st day of the platform for contemporary performative arts TRIGGER 2021 we hosted three co-organizers of the event and one international guest: Barbara Poček, the coordinator of Trigger, Nika Bezeljak, the producer of festival Prestopi and association Moment, Tjaša Pureber, public relations manager of Glej Theatre, and Lorenzo Facchinelli, the programer of the Italian festival Centrale Fies. Annual Slovenian independent scene showcase platform TRIGGER happened in Maribor and Ljubljana from May 29 to June 2, 2021. This edition focused on the future decentralization and internationalization in the midst of health, social and ecological crises. In times of searching for new forms of what it means to be together, it offered several dozens of international programmers from throughout Europe a chance to get to know daring performances, inspiring performers, challenging workshops and intriguing conversations with artists and producers from Slovenia, for whom TRIGGER represents a starting point for international touring.

Moderator: Žiga Brdnik
Sound: Boštjan Eržen


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