MITF#89: Rožava, lekcija 2 - Mednarodna rožavska komuna

MariborIsTheFuture 89: Rojava, lection 2 - Internationalist Commune of Rojava

As part of the lections on international liberation movements at the IntimateCinema in GT22, Maribor the podcast MariborIsTheFuture hosted two members of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava. Kris and Marlene spent 2,5 and 1 year in the northern part of Syria where the Kurdish liberation movement is organising the multiethnical and multireligous society on the basis of radical democracy and democratic confederalism. They shared their experiences and knowledge on this really important political experiment - that inspired us also a lot, because it opens a real alternative to the neoliberalised democracies in the West.


Moderator: Žiga Brdnik
Sound: Boštjan Eržen

> Web-link to lection 2

> Web-link to lection 1

> More about the commune:


Thanks for the support and help to: Arne Zupančič, Fundation Sonda, Moment Maribor, Radio YoureUp, community GT22, City Municipality of Maribor and Radio MARŠ for airing.

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