Indie-Re #26 by Radio Campus Angers, Angers

My name is Thibault, from Radio Campus Angers, part of the Radio Campus France network, and this week I'm taking you back to France's west side.

In Angers, where I live, some interesting albums were released during the last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and musical venues staying closed most of the time. So we're gonna talk about La Houle, Nerlov and Dogs For Friends, three projects that identify as kinda pop music, but with very different infliuences. But we also gonna expend our horizons and introduce you to Samifati from Nantes, which mix violin and electronic music with inspirations from abroad, and to Molto Morbidi from Le Mans, an experimenting lo-fi solo project.


La Houle is a project created by Simon Sockeel, which started as a band that blend pop and showgaze, whose first LP, Première Vague (First Wave), was released in 2018, but that also evolve during last year lockdown as an ambient solo project within which he's using old tape recorders to superpose layers of sounds. He released last year another album, Dehors au Dedans, (Outside Inside) exclusively on tape, and he's currently working on his next release.


Molto Morbidi is the solo project of the former singerin of a band called Shadow Motel. She released her first EP, I don't know what I'm doing, in 2018, followed by a second one, Experition Date, in 2020.


Nerlov is one of the most well known musician around Angers. After being part of a lot of bands, he started a new solo project, named after his nickname, and released his first EP, Je vous aime tous (I love you all) in 2020.


Samifati is a duo from Nantes. Sami went to the conservatory of music to learn and play violin, but instead of staying in a more classical field, he choose to experiment and blend it with more electronic sounds. He later met Axel, a filmaker that quickly join him to add live vijing to the mix. They released two EPs, Chaï in 2015 and Cycle in 2017, and are currently working on their next release.


Dogs For Friends is a band of young but promising musicians, who have gone from the local conservatory of music to the stages of all musical venues around. They released two EPs, Fatboy 2019 and I'll pet you forever in 2020.

Tracklist :

Scuffes – Total Rumble (tapis)
La Houle – Trépanation (intro)
La Houle – Toi (Ce Moi)
Molto Morbidi – What Will I do (intro) Moto Morbidi – Figures of the Past Nerlov – Si on brûlait tout (intro)Nerov – Banksy

Samifati – Gunpowder (intro)

Samifati – Solar

Dogs For Friends – King's Dog (intro)

Dogs For Friends – Sorry I Quit

Scuffles – Total Rumble (tapis)


Broadcast produced by Thibault Labarthe Lusson - Radio Capus Angers

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