IndieRE #108 by Radio Campus Grenoble

Hello everyone, you’re listening to the 108th IndieRE radio broadcast, the emission that aims to introduce fresh, contemporary music from various genres – rock, hip-hop, ska, pop, jazz, rap, trap, blues or whatever you can imagine and you are able to listen. The shows are broadcasted in Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland and Hungary by many many community radios. And today, the emission is made by Rémy & Alice, for the first time! We are part of Radio Campus Grenoble, and we are going to introduce you some local artists from our town in the mountains, Grenoble.

We’ll listen to some techno with Pulko accompanied by the voice of Meduz from the EP Free of Dyes, and to some music from the rapper L'amiseul, a member of the label 21h10. Next up will be musician and luthier Anita Dongilli with an hommage to a violin, and Lwanbé, who sings in Creole and has hip-hop and Maloya influences. We’ll also listen to a funny group, full of creativity called Pelle, a project of four guys playing ska punk with two guitars and a bass, and at the end we’ll discover a very special artist from Grenoble, Compost Collaps.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Pulko: soundcloud | facebook | instagram
Speedster Records (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
21h10 Music (label): facebook | instagram
L'amiseul: soundcloud | youtube | instagram
Pelle: youtube | facebook | instagram
Compost Collaps: youtube | facebook | instagram
Lwanbé: youtube | facebook | instagram
Anita Dongilli: youtube | facebook | instagram



01 Pulko feat. Meduz – J’oublie tout [4:44] (Free of Dyes, Speedster Records, 2023)
02 L'amiseul – Mon plus beau moment [2:38] (Besoin de moi, 21h10 Music, 2023)
03 L'amiseul – Besoin de moi [2:56] (Besoin de moi, 21h10 Music, 2023)
04 Anita Dongilli – In Fine [4:50] (Les Secrets, self-released, 2023)
05 Lwanbé – Rèst là mèm [2:50] (single, self-released, 2021)
06 Lwanbé – Charpenfièr [3:32] (single, self-released, 2023)
07 Pelle – Fifou le foufou [3:05] (Pouet, self-released, 2024)
08 Pelle – Skank Suicide [2:50] (Pouet, self-released, 2024)
09 Compost Collaps – Kotekan [2:20] (Chapelle 2120, self-released, 2024)
10 Compost Collaps – Transpire [2:38] (Chapelle 2120, self-released, 2024)


Produced by Radio Campus Grenoble, France.
Prepared and announced by Rémy Kiledjian & Alice Rozé. Mixed by Alice Rozé & Louis Hoos-Cauvin.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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