IndieRE #33 by Radio Orange, Vienna

Katharina Ernst and Alexander Yannilos are two drummers from Vienna. Both developed a unique approach to their instrument, the drum kit. They mostly play experimental music and have various musical backgrounds.

In the first part of this radio show you will get to know Katharina Ernst. She is currently living in Berlin and released in the last couple of years two drum solo-albums. One is called Extrametric (2018, Ventil Records) and the other Les Temps (2021, Trost Records, Ventil Records). She is part of the duo ALSO, with guitarist Martin Siewert and collaborated with various musicians and artists like the German sound artist Christina Kubisch. In the short portrait she speaks a lot about her approaches to music and gives a deep inside into her musical thinking. Playing the drums is for Katharina Ernst all about listening and feeling.


Alexander Yannilos is a very active figure in the Viennese Jazz and experimental music scene. He not only works as a musician but also as a producer, sound engineer, concert organizer and runs his own label called Freifeld. One of his main musical project, beside his two trios P:Y:G and Kry, is Motherdrum. For this project he invited various Viennese musicians to work with and musically it’s all about connecting improvised music with danceable rhythms.



Katharina Ernst – x_03

Katharina Ernst – x_04

Katharina Ernst - Brise

Katharina Ernst – Flux

Motherdrum – Dancing is not a crime

Motherdrum – Full Murphy

Motherdrum Modular – Jump

Motherdrum Modular – Bounce

Motherdrum – Dream





Katharina Ernst


Alexander Yannilos


Patrick Pulsinger





Trost Records


Ventil Records




Orange 94.0 (, Vienna, Austria

Prepared, announced, engineered and mixed by Katrin Hauk

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