Plemenito poslanstvo: izpostaviti lokalno indie in urbano glasbeno produkcijo in jo po mreži neodvisnih radiev poslati po Evropi.

Serija Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse predstavlja sodelovanje štirih neodvisnih evropskih radijskih postaj: ljubljanskega Radia Študent, Radia Popolare di Milano, francoske mreže Radio Campus in Radia Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji.

Radio Študent, 3. 9. 2022 00:09, IndieRE

Today, the show is animated by Karolina Iwan, Solène Garnier and Margot Ferreira from Radio MNE, an associative radio based in Mulhouse, east of France, and a member of the Radio Campus France network. Today, dear listeners, you will be discovering five talented artists from Elsass : Oceya, Loner Deer, Mouse DTC, Baba Roga, and Sxndrxm.


FEATURED ARTISTS (in order of appearance) :

Oceya (Océane Pastier Lopez), artiste indépendante

Radio Študent, 26. 8. 2022 22:29, IndieRE

Hey everybody and welcome to the European radio show called radio muse, today it's time for Germany aka for Halle on the Saale. Luise and Ben are your show hosts today. 

We did not only brought you news from Halle, but also from Leipzig and Berlin. In the first part of the show we spoke with the Berlin artist and musican “Cosey Mueller”, she is part of the duo “Das Das” and publishes her new tape recorded album called “Interior Escapes” as a solo artists. 

Radio Študent, 12. 8. 2022 22:45, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE we are visiting Slovenia’s alternative and underground scene and various albums released in the past couple of months. From afrobeat collective Nesesari Kakalulu’s newest album, P’Jays and Kavasutra, two bands mixing together elements of jazz and rock. Then Zajtrk, a folk chanson duo, will follow, and the TRITE Sound label with their most recent compilation of electronic music, simply titled 8, to the promising death metal band Siderean with their debut LP.

Radio Študent, 6. 8. 2022 02:45, IndieRE

Hi everyone, you are listening to RADIOMUSE, an exchange program between European radio stations from all across Europe. This program, initiated in 2019, returns with a new name : Radio muse indieRE - Independent Radio Exchange. It allows to discover musics, locals bands, and independents artists. For this time, you are listening to Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand.


Today, we’re going to hear five artists from Clermont-Ferrand :


- R R O B I N, an EDM DJ

- Dub Shepherds, a dub music collective

Radio Študent, 29. 7. 2022 22:45, IndieRE

Katharina Ernst and Alexander Yannilos are two drummers from Vienna. Both developed a unique approach to their instrument, the drum kit. They mostly play experimental music and have various musical backgrounds.

Radio Študent, 22. 7. 2022 18:55, IndieRE

Today's guest is a Singer, dj and producer. Her name is Federica also known as Missin Red.

She offers an eclectic and catchy dj set with a special flavour: the selection range goes from swing to electro swing, oldies to electronics, mash ups to breakbeat, reggae to tropical bass, samples to hip-hop. The DJ set is customized by original songs performed live, productions and exclusive mash ups.  She has performed more than one thousand gigs, in Italy and abroad, since 2012.

Radio Študent, 15. 7. 2022 18:44, IndieRE

In this edition of IndieRE, hosted by Radio Študent in Ljubljana, you will be able to hear the following music:

DIY, garage indie trio LELEE and their debut album Čuka bije pumpa that was released on Moonlee records:

A young electronic music producer Nulla who recently released her split EP with dvidevaton the label Kamizdat:

The Senzorama vol. 1 compilation released on ZARŠ records as part of the anniversary of its namesake show on Radio Študent:

Radio Študent, 18. 6. 2022 02:44, IndieRE

1. 2 Wrong Notes – Styeler Berg
2. „Bärenträume“ • K&M PROJEKT 04:34
3. Conversations from Cryaletti EP by FEALE 03:04
4. Kuba Liebe [Dämser EP]

Radio Študent, 14. 6. 2022 18:40, IndieRE

You will be listening to five groups from Montpellier :

- Bois Vert and its funky hip hop vibes

- Sixième Densité and its trap beats and autotuned voices

- Jeenko, the jazzy electro hip hop quartet

- Pannacotta and its progressive pop rock music

- Coffee At Nine and its grunge rock style



Bois Vert

Radio Študent, 11. 6. 2022 02:29, IndieRE

On this episode of Indie-Re, Cecilia Paesante from Radio Popolare, will introduce you to two independent songwriting projects: singer songwriter Federico Boffi and the duo Lazy Frenky.

The first artist, Federico Boffi, is a singer songwriter from Milan. Pioneer of Noel Gallagher's "cosmic pop" genre, Federico is about to release his debut album Astral, written and produced three years ago but never released.