IndieRE #68 by Radio Campus, Clermont-Ferrand

Welcome to a new episode of IndieRE, the show that introduces you emerging new music across Europe. Today, we have a special slot from Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand. It is part of the Radio Campus France network. We were able to present five singers and music groups of a variety of musical styles: pop, electro, rock and French songs. During this hour we will take you on a journey of discovery of the diversity of modern music from our region.



Swane Vieira: instagram
PoulainJar: bandcamp
Beastly: bandcamp | facebook
Coco macé: soundcloud | facebook
Armoni: facebook | youtube


Produced by Radio Campus, Clermont-Ferrand as part of Campus FM, Toulouse.
This episode was made possible thanks to Maeva Battard, Florence Roche, Nathan Rondo, Nicolas Majeune and Jean-Philippe Chemin.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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