Indie-Re #04 by Radio Corax, Halle, Nemčija

The first show from Radio Corax as a new partner of the Indie-Re radio broadcast series contains two interviews with two local bands.

The first guest is Martin from the 70s Rock Band Elephant‘s Foot, our second guests are the members of Babykopfjunge, an indie pop band with a great 80s influence. We will present you different bands from the wave punk scene and at the end we will hear the female hip hop artist Action Ahrens.



Radio Corax is a free comunity radio based in Halle in the east of Germany. We broadcast for nearly 20 years and have more than 300 radio activists, DJs and people who do radio shows or our daily magazines. These daily magazines are broadcasted in Berlin, Leipzig and once a month in Hamburg on different free Community Radios.

Music is a big part of Corax, every host of every show can decide by him-*herself what kind of music is played in the daily magazines. Besides the daily magazines we transmit 60 different music shows and DJs.

The hosts of this show are Ben and Luise. It starts with a song from Lassie, a wave punk band from Leipzig. Lassie will go on tour in Austria and Slovenia in the beginning of April. We stay wavy and play Brutto as the next song. It‘s from a girls‘ band called ex-diel, who are also from Leipzig. After that we present you the interview with Martin from the band Elephant‘s Foot. He will also tell us what kind of music he used to play as a host of the daily show. Kraftwerk is not featured in our show, but a band which sounds similar: Ursula. The second guest is the indie pop band BabyKopfJunge, „BabyHeadBoy“. They tell us if pop can be subversive.

Almost at the end of the show, we will play the music of BAICAL a Halle based band. All bandmembers are performing music in a variety of bands of different genres for a few years.
At the end we will introduce you in the hip hop music of Action Ahrens, she just released her EP called Sextape. 




Elephants Foot

Cherie bring mir den Fisch ans Bett

Man Man Man










Lassie – Deposit Bottles
ex-diel  - Brutto
Elephants Foot - Elephants Foot
Cherie bring mir den Fisch ans Bett – schwanger in Schwarzem Block
Man Man Man – Perpetuum Mobile
BAICAL – Beyond Belive
Babykopfjunge – Quallen
Lofiparadise -  I
BabyKopfJunge – Wanne Eickel
URSULA – Auf der Anderen Seite
Fabian – Brain Goes By 
AktionAhrenz – Auf Eis


Radio Corax:

prepared by: 

Benjamin Brumme

Luise Grundmann

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