Plemenito poslanstvo: izpostaviti lokalno indie in urbano glasbeno produkcijo in jo po mreži neodvisnih radiev poslati po Evropi.

Serija Indie-Re v okviru projekta Radiomuse predstavlja sodelovanje štirih neodvisnih evropskih radijskih postaj: ljubljanskega Radia Študent, Radia Popolare di Milano, francoske mreže Radio Campus in Radia Corax iz Halleja v Nemčiji.

Uredništvo, 27. 4. 2024 13:40, IndieRE

The 109th IndieRE broadcast is brought to you by Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Today we'll listen to the collage music of the trio Jimmy Barka Experience, avant-rock of the band Svojat, ambiental music by the producer Slowmotion Livestream, experimental harp music by rouge-ah, some grimy rap music by rapper Fraw Blanka and producer Marka San and wrap up the show with a bit of punk by Kultivator.


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Uredništvo, 20. 4. 2024 13:40, IndieRE

Hello everyone, you’re listening to the 108th IndieRE radio broadcast, the emission that aims to introduce fresh, contemporary music from various genres – rock, hip-hop, ska, pop, jazz, rap, trap, blues or whatever you can imagine and you are able to listen. The shows are broadcasted in Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland and Hungary by many many community radios. And today, the emission is made by Rémy & Alice, for the first time!

Uredništvo, 12. 4. 2024 13:40, IndieRE

The 107th Irish, Near FM, edition of IndieRE promises to be a special episode, featuring a lineup of new releases and interviews with emerging talents from the Irish music scene. Hosted by Patrick Domanico, the show kicks off with Larks, a music project released by Fiona O’Kane, a gifted multi-instrumentalist hailing from Belfast. Following O’Kane's segment is the first interview of the episode with Tommy Cullen, who will present his solo album Enjoy the Glow.

Uredništvo, 6. 4. 2024 13:40, IndieRE

The 106th episode of IndieRE by Radio Corax takes you on a trip to our local music scene and discoveres current releases on the road. Alongside the wavy stuff we‘ll travel through a lot of experimental ways of pop and make short stops at electronic music, post-punk, funky indie rock and acoustic songwriting. Joshi will guide you at our stops, so you won’t get lost in the variety of genres & artists. In our interview we’ll introduce you to the unique world of Ariel My Friend and his Fake Loaf of Bread.


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Uredništvo, 30. 3. 2024 12:45, IndieRE

The 105th edition of the IndieRE broadcast brings you a new set of Croatian alternative scene artists from all over the country! First, we will hear an atmospheric post-metal band from Čakovec called Emphasis and two singles from their latest album Lazaret. In the following minutes we’ll be moving to the East, more precisely, to Slavonski Brod from where Vedran Živković talked to us about his band Nemeček and their new album Prokletije II which represents a unique mixture of traditional instruments and psychedelic noise rock.

Uredništvo, 22. 3. 2024 13:37, IndieRE

Discover the Spanish Girrrrrrl Power in the 104th edition of IndieRE from EMA-RTV, hosted by Sonia Morales, Rafa Sánchez and the technician Nuria 'magic fingers' González. You’ll find a sample of the Spanish music women’s eclectic scene starting with Dalila’s electronic world and the always vindictive Carmen Xía, an interview with Laura Torres, drummer in Melenas, and learn about the alternative band's successful story and the bubbly underground scene in Pamplona.

Uredništvo, 15. 3. 2024 13:34, IndieRE

From feminist chanson punk to anti-fascist songs, rap about the favorite drink of the residents of Graz, electronic variations, and the shared demise along the Danube – the new issue of IndieRE from Austria brings you the cream of the crop of Austria's subcultural music scene. Alerta Alerta – Radio Helsinki!


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Uredništvo, 3. 3. 2024 15:25, IndieRE

The next episode of the Hungarian edition of the IndieRE Radio Show invites you once again on a very colourful musical journey. From jazz to breakbeat, there will be a wide variety of styles. With us will be Beton.Hofi, Platon Krataev, and doktorhokashi. You can also hear a part of a toldyuuso live act, where we also interviewed the guys. Stay tuned!


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Uredništvo, 1. 3. 2024 15:20, IndieRE

Welcome to the 101st edition of the IndieRE radio show prepared by Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We're starting off with a contemporary folk and etno inspired trio Ingver in Gverilke, who released their song Sestra or Sister. The song calls for solidarity of the oppressed and between the oppressed in current times with an emphasis on anti-patriarchal stance. We'll be staying in the realm of folk and indie atmospheres with 3:rma, a duo of Urška Supej and Maša But, who will join us in a short conversation.

Uredništvo, 16. 2. 2024 15:20, IndieRE

The 100th broadcast of the IndieRE 2.0 project, produced by Radio Campus Orléans, offers two interviews with creatively inspiring artist groups. The first interview highlights Lagon Noir, a beautifully diverse musical group consisting of saxophonist Quentin Biardeau, bassist Valentin Ceccaldi, singer Ann O’Aro and drummer-percussionist and singer Marcel Balboné. They have just released their first single, which you will be able to discover in the radio show. The second interview is with the French duo from Orléans Dat Politics, the most weirdly French ecstatic electro party band.