IndieRE #106 by Radio Corax, Halle

The 106th episode of IndieRE by Radio Corax takes you on a trip to our local music scene and discoveres current releases on the road. Alongside the wavy stuff we‘ll travel through a lot of experimental ways of pop and make short stops at electronic music, post-punk, funky indie rock and acoustic songwriting. Joshi will guide you at our stops, so you won’t get lost in the variety of genres & artists. In our interview we’ll introduce you to the unique world of Ariel My Friend and his Fake Loaf of Bread.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Fiasko Leitmotiv: youtube | instagram
Unterschall (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
larasüß: bandcamp | soundcloud | instagram
Ariel My Friend: web | bandcamp
Fake Loaf of Bread: instagram
Baumarkt: bandcamp
Roe13 Records (label): bandcamp | youtube | instagram
Mine: web | youtube | facebook | instagram
munterfel.: web | facebook | instagram
Margareta Navarra: facebook | instagram
Backmars: youtube | instagram



01 Fiasko Leitmotiv – Strangers and you
02 larasüß – Terrified
03 Ariel My Friend – Our Sorry Love Story
04 Ariel My Friend – Bad Times Sex
05 Baumarkt – Windows 98
06 Baumarkt – Passanten
07 Mine – Fesch
08 Margareta Navarra – Biggest Fear
09 munterfel. – Dancinginjuly.
10 Backmars – Weißwolf
11 Ariel My Friend – Chauvinist Bastard (Snippet)


Produced by Radio Corax, Halle (Salle).
Prepared, produced, mixed and announced by Joshua Riehl.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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