IndieRE #66 by Radio Corax, Halle

The 66th edition of IndieRE produced by Radio Corax Halle mainly features local DIY rock and punk bands as well as solo projects and by that, it introduces the listener to a really vivid and dedicated music and concert scene around Halle and Leipzig. Also, to look over a rim of a tea cup, the show presents two rap artists from Berlin and Halle who recently released new singles.

The local punk music scene in Halle and Leipzig can only be so vivid through its characters who play in (sometimes several) bands, do solo projects, organize concerts, record and release music from one another and just get together and connect. Some of those characters will be introduced to you on the show, such as Frankie (Halle) who plays in a band but has also just released her self-recorded solo debut and is quite active in organizing concerts in the local area. Also, the Leipzig based band Wrackspurts that is around for quite a while now talk about their latest album and the featured song Endhaltestelle. To close up the show, we will listen to what's new in hip hop and rap in Berlin and Halle and hear what rap artist Alice Dee has to say about their single Komm which comes with a fine music video.

TTT-Turbo: bandcamp
Rosa Extra: bandcamp
Whip Legs: bandcamp
Frankie: bandcamp
Parking Lot: bandcamp
Wrackspurts: bandcamp
Snitsh Pitsh: bandcamp | bandcamp
Exwhite: bandcamp
Mangel Records: web | bandcamp
Turbo Discos: bandcamp
Spared Flesh Records: bandcamp
New_project_666: bandcamp
Alice Dee: bandcamp | youtube
Yung FSK18: youtube | instagram | bandcamp | burn hard

1. TTT-Turbo – Werewolf
2. Rosa Extra – Einsam bist du sehr alleine
3. Whip Legs – Fire on the mountain
4. Frankie – Honki Spit
5. Frankie – V-Bomb
6. Parking Lot – Old Piece of Shit
7. Wrackspurts – Endhaltestelle
8. Snitsh Pitsh – Dry Heat
9. Exwhite – Get Clean
10. New_project_666 – gossip
11. Alice Dee – Komm
12. Yung FSK18 – Bum (Push the button)


Produced by Radio Corax, Halle (Salle).
Prepared, produced, mixed and announced by Luise Grundman & Lena Ulrich.
Design by Jure Anžiček.

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