Indie-Re #03 by Radio Popolare, Italia

On this episode of Indie-Re, Radio Popolare, an italian radio based in Milan, spent some time talking to Adele Nigro of Any Other and Rocco and Nico of Vintage Violence, working in two completely different music scenes but still part of the Italian indie world.

Adele Nigro is the frontwoman and alter ego of the project Any Other and we spoke about her music career just before she starts her live shows that will bring her all over Italy. We entered a world made of guitars, saxophones and poetry, a kind of indie rock that reminds of a young Alanis Morrissette.


The episode starts with the chat with Adele Nigro, a young multi-instrumentalist who works both on her own project and as a session-woman for many indie artists on the italian scene. Our journalist Cecilia Paesante talked with Adele about many subjects. Specially the issue of gender-equality in the italian music business, an issue far from being settled.

Any Other discography:

Silently. Quietly. Going Away. (Bello Records, 2015)
Two, Geography (42 Records, 2018)


Vintage Violence, as written above, are a totally different project. They are currently working on their new album. The lyrics (in italian) are always been politically and socially influenced. The four members started working together many years ago, playing music in a little town in the north of Italy on the shores of the Como lake.

Vintage Violence discography:

Psicodramma (autoproduzione, 2004)
Cinema (Goodfellas, 2007)
Le cose cambiano - DVD-single (Goodfellas/Sottosuono, 2007)
Piccoli Intrattenimenti Musicali (Popolar, 2011)
Sognare Sul Lavoro - single (Maninalto! Records, 2012)
Senza Paura Delle Rovine (Maninalto! Records, 2014)
Senza Barrè (Maninalto! Records, 2018)



Any Other - Breastbone (2:22) (album Two, Geography 42 Records, 2018)

Any Other - Something (4:08) (album Silently. Quietly. Going Away. Bello Records, 2015)

Any Other - Walttrough (5:05) (album Two, Geography 42 Records, 2018)

Any Other - To the kino, again (5:23) (album Silently. Quietly. Going Away. Bello Records, 2015)

Vintage Violence - Primo Ostacolo (3:01) (album Senza Paura Delle Rovine (Maninalto! Records, 2014)

Vintage Violence - I non frequentanti (album Senza Barrè, Maninalto! Records, 2018)


Radio Popolare ( Italy
prepared and announced by Cecilia Paesante

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