IndieRE #45 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Poslušalstvo, pred vami je prva oddaja iz nove serije IndieRE. V produkciji in mednarodni izmenjavi radijske vsebine vam predstavljamo sveže izdaje alternativne glasbe z vseh koncev Evrope. Oddaje so posnete v angleškem jeziku.


Radio Študent from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is a 50-year old student radio station, still dedicated to promoting alternative music. This broadcast is a radio show brought to you by a network of eight partners as a part of the project IndieRe, in which we are covering and sharing the news about new releases of local quality non-mainstream music.

In the 45th edition of IndieRe your host Ula Kranjc Kušlan looked back at some of the exciting and prominent music releases of Slovenia’s alternative and independent music scene in recent weeks and months. In this edition we take a look at our radio's Compilation Klubski maraton 2022, a project that each year discovers new, mostly unknown young artists working in different genres, audiovisual trio Etceteral that creates polyrhythmic futurist jazz and electronics, shoegaze band Haiku Garden, experimental techno duo Stagnat, hip-hop artist, singer and dancer Sahareya and we highlight another various artists compilation, Clockwork Voltage Compilation Vol. 1 – Happy Little Voltages created by diverse enthusiasts of modular synthesizers.


First release is from our record label Zarš, Compilation Klubski maraton 2022 that presented young artists and bands that are a part of the Klubski maraton project in the year 2022. Klubski maraton is an annual project of Radio Študent that supports and provides a platform to six fresh and mostly undiscovered alternative bands and music producers. Selected artists are broadly promoted and get acquainted with different processes in the music world like studio work, song production, release, interviews, concerts. This year we chose a young trap collective LSDS, a rock diy trio BibliBan with a punk spirit, a heavier hardcore band Decair, an industrial hip-hop duo Primal Alchemy with noise elements, a dreamy synth-pop group Masaž and a pop/folk singer-songwriter Laetitia Pohl – Kiki. We played the song Skrita ura or Hidden clock by Kiki.

We listened to the song Meadow Sage by an audiovisual trio Etceteral, an experimental electronic and jazz project that had released its second full-length album Rhizome. The album was released by Glitterbeat Records. Etceteral are Bošjan Simon on saxophone and Marek Fakuč on drums, accompanied by Lina Rica, a visual artist. Etceteral’s sound is floating between energetic groovy jazz and electronics with noisy and experimental bits, as well as moving between provision and structure. For this show we spoke with the saxophonist Boštjan Simon.

Shoegaze band Haiku Garden released their third LP Loose Contacts / Tense Present on a local label Kapa Records. Although their core genre is shoegaze, they don't limit themselves. Their music provides a broader sound palette with different shapes and colors from post-punk to krautrock with a pinch of psychedelia. The band consists of drummer Anže Knez, vocalist Klemen Tehovnik with multiple instruments, synths, bass guitar, electric guitar and even drums on one of the tracks, Luka Flegar on electric and acoustic guitars, plus vocals, and Matevž Bitenc on bass guitar. The new album also features some guest appearances from Gašper Povše and Kristina Kokalj on violins and Andrej Tomažin on different percussions. We played Haiku Garden's song Walk With An Elephant.

We spoke with the experimental techno duo Stagnat. Both producers Nina Lang and Peter Kalinski are co-funders of a local digital record label De/fragment. We talked about two projects, a compilation of various artists VA Compilation Vol. II released by their label and their own release Subterranean Occurrence. Stagnat are an electronic and visual arts duo who make analogue experimental techno music. Their sound is layered with dark, mysterious but vibrant textures that glide through techno, ambient, breakbeat and experimental electronics. They're loyal to live performances where they can build diverse and dynamic paths and turns. We listened to their song Manically Self Evident.

Next in the spotlight is a hip-hop artist, singer and dancer Sahareya and her self-released debut Improvised Colors. Sarah al Saleh alias Sahareya is originally a dancer interconnecting different performance arts such as dancing, singing and rapping. She is now mainly focused on her hip-hop project Sahareya and has made music for the project with her brother SunnySun, a beatmaker and DJ, who has been present on the local hip-hop scene for more than a decade. Together they've made, nurtured and self-released the debut Improvised Colors. They extracted the influence from boom bap, footwork, pop, r’n’b and trap, making it a mix between old school hip-hop and contemporary production. The album is split in two parts, the first one is sonically and lyrically lighter and the second one darker. We listened to the song Junkie.

At the end we focused on a second various artist compilation titled Clockwork Voltage Compilation Vol. 1 – Happy Little Voltages that had been self-released and has connected a community of diverse enthusiasts of modular synthesizers. The compilation brings together a set of different musicians who also gather at a series of events. Jaka Berger began bringing a few people to our radio to hang out, bring their gear, connect, talk and play live sets. After hanging out and making music together the artists in the community were more aware of each other and have come together for the first compilation of modular synths producers in Slovenia. The compilation offers all sorts of diverse soundscapes, heavier and lighter experimental textures, consisting of ambient, rhythmic and noisy tunes, all in all rich electronic compositions and improvisations. We listened to the song Fortythree by Yila.




Klubski maraton​

​Zarš Records


Glitterbeat Records

​Haiku Garden

Kapa Records​




Clockwork Voltage​



01. Kiki – Skrita ura [3:51] (Klubski maraton 2022, Zarš Records, 2022)
02. Etceteral – Meadow Sage [4:48] (Rhizome, Glitterbeat Records, 2022)
03. Haiku Garden – Walk With An Elephant [4:35] (Loose Contacts / Tense Present, Kapa Records, 2022)
04. Stagnat – Manically Self Evident [6:55] (VA Compilation Vol. II, De/fragment, 2022)
05. Sahareya – Junkie [2:58] (Improvised Colors, self-released, 2022)
06. Yila – Fortythree [4:46] (Clockwork Voltage Vompilation Vol. 1 – Happy Little Voltages, self-released, 2022)


Produced by Radio Študent, Slovenia.
Prepared by Ula Kranjc Kušlan. Sound mixing by Matej Tolić. Announced by Ula Kranjc Kušlan.

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